A day around Mont Vully


Discover what the beautiful Vully region

7 Aug 2022

History, vineyards and wide variety of regional delicacies; on the border of Vaud and Friburg cantons, Vully has plenty of attractions to spark our curiosity. Its historical trail leads us on a journey to the very earliest days of French-speaking Switzerland, with some superb panoramic views as we walk through the smallest of Switzerland’s wine-growing estates.


Join me to discover what Vully has to offer 😊 


What you can look forward to in this Swiss adventure

  • Try the"Gâteau du Vully", a delicious regional speciality.


  • Hike along Mont Vully.


  • Enjoy superb panoramic views.


  • Breath in the fresh air.


  • Cool down in Lake Morat.


  • Taste the delicious Vully-wine.


  • Enjoy the company of like-minded people.


We start our adventure with a gastronomic experience. The Vully tart, or "Gâteau du Vully", a delicious regional speciality. The original version of the Vully tart is a sweet speciality, but there are also several other varieties. Salty, with lardons and cumin, or with almonds. You will have a chance to try both the sweet and salty version of the Vully tart 😊


Then, we start our easy hike (12 km, 400 m altitude change) along Mont Vully.  Along the route we will see the remains of the Sarrasins Tower, a tower dated from the 12th or 13th century; the Celtic Oppidum a fortified village from about 124 BC; the "Réduit du Vully", a military base during the First World War; the Louis Agassiz Stone , the huge rock on the Mont Vully made an extraordinary journey from the mountains in the region of the Furka pass; and the Roches Grises caves, the galleries dug out in the molasse.


On the summit of Mont Vully, a unique panoramic view of the Alps, the Jura and the surrounding Three Lakes awaits us.


Our trail lead us along the Vully vineyards, the smallest of Switzerland’s wine-growing estates, where we will stop to try some of its delicious wine.


After the hike, you can cool yourself down in lake Morat in the Sugiez Plage.


Price of this Swiss Alpine adventure

You cover only your own cost, what is 10 CHF. 


Included: 1-1 piece of savory and sweet Vully tart. 

Not included: wine tasting .

Reserve your place

If you are ready for this Alpine adventure, sign up today, places are limited.. ( max 15 persons). 

Registration closes one week before the date of the event.


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